Abundance Retreat

What if you got everything you wanted?

What is the driver behind success in every aspect of life?  How is it that some people seem to get everything…effortlessly, while others work just as hard and always seem to be swimming upstream?

It comes down to ONE thing. Simply, having the ability to make better decisions more often.

As easy as that sounds, it is what separates those who are abundant in all areas of life from those who endlessly struggle. So how do we improve critical thinking, especially when we are under pressure?  Unfortunately, when we are under pressure we typically make decisions we ultimately regret. These decisions are the ones that we pay for, for years.  The wrong marriage, the wrong job, the wrong investments, etc.  In this retreat, we do a deep dive into the three aspects which must be mastered if effective, clear, critical thinking is going to become effortless.

  • Mastering your State
  • Bringing awareness and shifting what you Believe to be true
  • Creating a Spiritual Vision that drives the decisions you make

During our time together you will have clarity on:

  • The impact of stress and how to immediately lower it in any situation, including events from your past.  This gives you the ability to Choose your State at any given moment, regardless of external circumstance.  From this place you are not only able to attract abundance, prosperity, and happiness, but more importantly-sustain it.


  • The events of your life and the significant meaning they each have that contribute to your life’s purpose.  Reassigning meaning to past events allows us to shift what we believe to be true, which is ultimate what drives our behavior and why we make every decision we make, even when we don’t realize it.  Once you see how each event serves your greater purpose in life, you flow with the energy of life, rather than struggling against it.


  • Your unique purpose in this lifetime.  Creating a Spiritual Vision, a compelling future, makes big decisions easy.  It becomes obvious to determine if these decisions either move you closer or farther from your purpose.  Thus, having complete clarity and conviction to your Spiritual Vision is imperitive.

Ensuring you stay on track:

  • You will leave with my 90-Day Journal, To Have More, To Do More, To Be More to keep you on track and accountable for the life you are committing to while you are here.


  • You will have the tools to Master your Internal State in any situation, in order to consistantly make better decisions for you and those around you.


  • One,  45-minute coaching call within 30 days of returning home to ensure the successful integration of what you have learned.


The Details:

Arrival Day 1 – Between 3 pm and 5 pm. Overview of the program, tour the retreat grounds, and lodging check-in.

Day 2 and 3 – Full Retreat Days from 8 am – 7 pm

Day 4 – 8 -11 am, Departure 11am



  • Lodging in Julian
  • Transportation to and from the Inner North Star Retreat Center to local Julian lodging
  • All meals are plant-based
  • All dietary restrictions are accommodated
  • All training materials.
  • 90-Day Journal
  • Yoga Nidra (Guided Meditation) download for home use
  • One 45-minute coaching call withing 30 Days of departure date


Investment in yourself:

Groups of two to four people – $ 4,397.00 per person.


To schedule time to determine which retreat is right for you, or if coaching may be the next step, please click here to schedule your complimentary call.