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Individualized Coaching

Every successful person has a coach of some kind. World class athletes all have personal trainers. The best singers all have voice coaches. The best investors have financial advisors. But why would someone work with a life coach? There are three significant reasons. One, is having someone who has the capacity to take in the whole of your life with consideration of decision making, rather than just one facet of your life. The other is that you have someone who is looking out for your best interest without an agenda. Typically our friends, relatives, and co-workers all have a personal gain in the advice they give… even when they don’t realize it. Examples of this are: They don’t want you to leave, they don’t want you to get ahead thus making them feel insignificant, or they don’t want you to take a risk- because they wouldn’t. Lastly, you need someone in your life who is asking you different questions than what you are asking yourself.

Albert Einstein is credited with saying, “The mind that created the problem, cannot be the same mind to solve it.” Even if you don’t have a “problem,” a life coach is an invaluable asset to get where you want to go, in the shortest amount of time… with the least amount of compromise to your integrity or soul.


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