Life Reboot

The Life Reboot Retreat

This is our most foundational Retreat.  This is the Retreat that provides you with knowledge (feedback) that allows you to create a personalized road map based on what is REALLY going on with you.  

 During our time together you will learn where you stand in all areas of health and wellness that truly matter.  The Retreat starts with your personalized 30+ page report covering everything from nutritional deficiencies, toxicity levels, to emotional stressors. 

From this place, you will gain understanding and insights as to what needs to be done to create a life of energy and vitality going forward.  We need the alignment of our body, mind, and spirit in order to live a fulfilling life.  This is why it is imperative to know the impact that our decisions have had.  

You will leave with specific knowledge about you and an exact plan of what is needed to thrive – without the need for medications or any outside chemical substance in order to get through the day. 

This is the foundation to create a life that you love with nothing holding you back. No more guesswork or taking the opinions of others from mainstream media, social media, or friends.  Getting to know yourself on the deepest level is the only way we can create a bridge between where you are now and where you want to go.  Let’s build that together at this Retreat.  

This is also a great opportunity to gather a group of friends to join you, as you will leave here with built-in accountability partners.  This makes the journey more meaningful and enjoyable.  If not, you will make new like-minded friends to stay connected with, long after leaving here.

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