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I know you want to watch this video…but PLEASE read how this video pertains to YOU before you watch it. This is far more then a renovation video. It’s about how you see your life

On January 5th, 2018 my dream came true! I bought 20 acres of completely run-down property, overgrown with weeds and shrubbery on a mountain top in the middle of nowhere. In addition to that it had a house with too many garages, bathrooms from the 80’s, and fluorescent lighting to top things off.

So how exactly was this my dream? Because I see people and real estate the same way: not as they are in that moment…rather I see them in their highest potential.

For 20 years I have wanted a place that people could come and feel a sense of peace and tranquility from the moment they stepped foot on the property. However, in its current state, even seeing that there was a view was challenging. Visualizing a walking path and spaces to sit and reflect can be difficult if all you see is a dense forest. Remember, it’s not how things are right now in life, it’s how they CAN BE.

And we all know if you are going to celebrate a magical life, it must be done in style. So, if you think the way I do, what does one do with too many garages? Obviously, you turn one of them into a 1920’s themed Champagne Room, with a glitter epoxy floor that feels like you are standing in a glass of Champagne! (This was more work than I planned for, as you will see in the video. But I can now add cement grinding to the skills list on my resume!)

Before After
Before After

As you watch the video and see the “Before” pictures, I encourage you to hit the pause button and imagine what that picture could be. No different than life, we all need to hit the Pause button, close our eyes, and imagine our life in a whole new way. Once you see yourself living life at its highest purpose, all you need to do is grab a shovel, (for some maybe it’s a backhoe) and get to work. And before you know it, you hit the Play button and your “before and after” are almost unrecognizable.

I hope you enjoy this video which took place over the course of three years. As Walt Disney responded to the question, When will Disneyland be finished? “It will never be done, there will always be new ideas and new experiences to create. My goal is to always make this place better, never to be done.” As is life…the goal is not the finish line, it’s what you are creating and who you are becoming along the way.

Never stop dreaming - see your life with awe inspiring magic. If you need a little help with that, I hope to see you here one day. Nothing makes me happier than to help you see YOU and your life the way I do…with limitless, infinite possibility.

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