Spiritual Vision

The Spiritual Vision Retreat

How much of your identity is dependent upon your career or your family?  What happens if you no longer hold the title; CEO, Firefighter, Wife, or Father?  

One of the most common causes of depression is losing our reason for being.  When we have decided we no longer have a purpose or mission in life, we lose our way.  And it doesn’t take long to sink into a dark place with no foreseeable way to climb our way back into the light.

This Retreat is for those who have lost their sense of self.  Those who question why they are here, and what the purpose of any of it is… especially those who have recently experienced a significant loss or life-changing event and don’t know where to turn or what to do next.

During this Retreat, we will redefine one’s identity.  When we peel back the external layers of life and re-discover the core of who we truly are, we realize that our true nature, our spirit, our soul – were never dependent on any of those “things” in the first place.

This Retreat taps into ancient rituals that have been performed for thousands of years for many others who have lost their way and needed to be reconnected to their Spiritual Vision.  

Creating a Spiritual Vision gives you your true purpose for being here in this lifetime, regardless of external circumstances.

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