Spiritual Vision

This Retreat focuses completely on your Inner world rather than your Outer world.  

When we are guided by the input from television, social media, friends, and family it becomes easy to lose OUR way.  Everyone external of us has their own agenda of what we should be doing, as it relates to how it will impact them and their lives.  Often those expectations are not in alignment with OUR soul’s purpose.

This Retreat teaches us how to tune out the outside noise and tune in to our internal wisdom…our Inner North Star.

For thousands of years when members of a tribe or group became ill, suffering physically or emotionally, they were thought to have become “disconnected”.  This disconnection was both from their community and more importantly from themselves.  And while cultures may have different types of rituals they all set out to accomplish the same thing: Remove any negative energy that is in the way of your healing and to bring in the wisdom of the sages for guidance.

During this Spiritual Vision Retreat we will experience many of these rituals.  You will have a sense of inner peace which allows you to connect with yourself in a much deeper and more meaningful way.  As you continue to practice these rituals upon your return home – your sense of calm, grounding, and connectedness will stay with you regardless of external circumstance.  It is from this place that unexpected synchronicities become a way of life.


This Retreat is for those wanting to connect with life, others, and themselves in a much more profound and meaningful way.  This Retreat we explore Energy in a manner that has nothing to do with caffeine.  This is the type of energy all around us that we can’t see.  There is energy that comes from the earth, the sun, the moon and stars, plants, each other, all living things…everything is vibrational energy.

For thousands of years many cultures used the properties of certain plants, herbs, and energy from the ground for healing.  They also used sound through chanting and music as a means of aligning the energy system of the body and spirit.

These cultures also knew they were not alone and called upon the help of Spirit Guides, Angels, Deities, and Gods for guidance, healing, strength and wisdom.

One great advantage they had thousands of years ago was the lack of distractions we now have in our life today.  We must learn how to unplug and tune into the energy around us.  During our time together we have one central focus; how to become and remain present.  From this state we can connect to source energy.

It is through our “connection” to all things that we become one.  This is the Unified Field where possibility is limitless.



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