True Abundance

Who this Retreat is for:

Anyone who is questioning, “Why am I here, am I in the right career, what is the purpose of my life, how can I have a life of meaning,  what will my legacy be and how will I be remembered? Also anyone not satisfied with: their health, relationships, career, finances, or the environment in which they live. And anyone who feels that no matter what they accomplish the joy is short lived and overall their inspiration and motivation is gone.

What you will gain from being here:

Absolute clarity about what really matters to you.  Establishing a hierarchy of priorities bases upon your values.  Eliminating everything and everyone that serves no purpose and is an energy drain.  Aligning what you want, with how you spend your time each day. 

Read below to determine if this is the right Retreat for you!


This is the most interactive of the Retreats.  Prior to your arrival you will be sent a questionnaire
to determine your values and goals.
  One of the greatest challenges people face is feeling that their life is not
fulfilling no matter what they do, get, or have.
  This is typically because:

Values and goals are not in alignment 

What is valued compared to actions taken, is not in alignment

There is no clarity on values or goals

Any of these or any combination, can easily lead to a life of disappointment, depression, or a feeling of hopelessness.  There is no medication or pill that can fix this.  They may numb the pain, but the problem… the cause is still there. 


"You don't attract what you want, you attract what you are." -Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer

Our time together will be spent asking different questions than what you have been asking in order to get answers that are YOUR authentic truth.  Once you are crystal clear as to what you value…what matters most to you, we can create a plan to achieve all of it.  This includes every aspect of your life: health, finances, relationships, career, and your environment.


This work is the easy part…determining the what and the how.  The real work, the part that becomes life changing is the WHY.  Why do you want, what you want?  More importantly, does it matter enough to not allow challenges, set-backs, and nay-sayers to get in your way?  Taming the outside critic however is not the biggest problem…it’s the internal critic that gets in the way of most people living a life they truly love.  This is where our time together becomes invaluable.


Over the course of this Retreat we will spend time in meditation, journaling, and learning how to reprioritize time.  Most importantly you will learn how to have and maintain heart/brain coherence in order to become a magnet to all of the people, resources, and situations you need every day.  Once you leave here, it will be much easier to ONLY spend time on the actions that get you closer to your uncompromised self.  And to live with inner peace and guidance so that your authentic life is a life of True Abundance.



What is Included

What is Not Included

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