I'm Michelle

So glad you are here, and hope that one day we get to meet in person here at my Retreat Center!

Born and raised in Southern California, I am proud to have a Retreat Center here, and honored to have a non-profit for Veterans and First-Responders with PTSD.  

For someone who grew up in La Puente, just east of Los Angeles, it seems like a bit of stretch to wind up on a mountain top in Julian, California.

I get that.  I had a bit of a journey between where I began and where I am today. 

“What you believe to be true will determine your outcome.”

One of the more life impacting decisions came when I was 18, about a year after high school, realizing I was spending more time playing volleyball on the beach than I was in college.  And I knew I wasn’t good enough to go pro (heck, I wasn’t even good enough to win a game) so how was my life story going to have a good ending?  I knew the thing that I lacked was discipline.  And without it, my life may not look any different at 40. 

Where does one go to get discipline?
Seemed like the only logical answer was the military.  Oddly, I have no friends in the military, in fact I didn’t even know of anyone who enlisted.  But I couldn’t come up with anything better to speak to my lack of discipline than that.

So, four years later after leaving Anchorage, Alaska as a Senior Airman in the Air Force, I had discipline.

Now fast forward about 10 years of corporate and retail jobs to find myself asking yet another question. How can I be of greater service than what I am doing now?  I just didn’t want to be known as the person who sold the most widgets.

After an afternoon of deliberation contemplating, “What is the most helpful career field?” I decided to become a firefighter.  Having no idea what the testing process is (which is more than just a simple interview) it took me 2 straight years of trying.

At 35 years old, 5’4” I was hardly what someone would expect to see at a fire academy. 

But on my final attempt for a department hiring 10 people, when 1,400 applied – I made it.

One would assume that would be the end of the soul searching and question asking- because I FINALLY got my dream job. Or did I?

Like a visit to the optometrist where you look through that crazy contraption and he clicks one rotation to the left and asks, “is this better” or click, “is that better?”   

That question never is far my mind.  

And it wasn’t long before I knew I was close, but there was a “better”.

For me, it was moving from emergency medicine to preventative medicine.  

That is when I started my private practice as a biofeedback therapist nearly 20 years ago and knew I was finally on the path that was meant for me.

“The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of questions you ask.” – Tony Robbins

Each year after that, for the next 10, I did a deep dive into a different topic that I believed would help someone get closer to better health, vitality, passion for their life, and a sense of inner peace.

My training and certifications took me all around the U.S. and to India.

Over the next two decades I also realized that it is much easier to change a belief when you change your surroundings (your environment) helping to keep that belief alive. 

So, I traveled all over California looking for a place that was easy enough to get to, yet felt like you were a million miles away.  

A place that was as serene as it was magical.  

A place where you could come and rewrite your story, challenge your beliefs, and create a life that through the best optometrist’s scrutiny is your best life.  

And after three years of construction The Inner North Star Retreat Center is finally open!

One final note, in case you are thinking that it was easy for me as I clearly had it all figured out.  Here’s just a sampling of my resume:

Gemologist, retail store manager, life guard, corporate sales, project manager, technology consultant, cocktail waitress, aquatics and track and field director for the Special Olympics, inside sales in the aerospace industry… I could go on.  (In fact, I will go on with a list below which entails my last 20 years, that part is more relevant!)


The point is no matter where you are on your journey, odds are I have been there.  And for whatever the reason is, our paths have now crossed.  I don’t believe there are any mistakes, ever.  

As my gift – to get you started, click here and get a free guided meditation to start your mindful journey. So why not take a chance, step away from your current surroundings and try on a new pair of glasses and let’s look at your life through a whole new lens.  

And we won’t stop twisting and turning and until “better” becomes “best”. 

It is said that sometimes it takes someone else believing in us, until we do.  

That’s my job.  

It’s your job just to show up.

I look forward to meeting you soon!


PS – As promised here’s how I spent my time so that you don’t have to. (See below)  

Instead, we can take the best of each of these, see what applies to you, and not waste another minute.  

Time to start living a really BIG life!

• One World Academy Meditation Instructor— 2017

• HeartMath Intervention Biofeedback for Health Professionals— 2017

• Biofeedback Instructor/Supervisor—2014-Current

• Strategic Intervention Life Coach— 2014

• RYT 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Instructor— 2013

• iRest/Yoga Nidra Instructor with Focus on PTSD— 2013

• EFT Tapping with Focus on PTSD— 2010

• Feng-Shui Consultant—2006

• Home-Therapeutics Consultant— 2005

• Biofeedback Specialist— 2003-Current

• EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)— 1999